In observance of the National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill, Colegio de Santa Catalina de Alejandria (COSCA), in collaboration with the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council Officers (DRRMCO) of Dumaguete, conducted an extensive Earthquake and Fire Drill on June 28, 2024.

The event was a collaborative effort involving various local agencies and officials to ensure comprehensive disaster preparedness.The drill was spearheaded by several key organizations and individuals, including DRRMCO Officers, Allen Cabaron and Jumere Callao; Dumaguete Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), headed by Plans and Trainings Officer, FO2 Rogie Peรฑa; the Local Government Unit of Barangay 3 led by Barangay Captain Benefredo Ozoa II and the 703rd Army Reservists commanded by LtC Jesus Caรฑete.

At approximately 4:00 PM, an alarm was sounded, prompting students and employees to execute the “duck, cover, and hold” maneuver. Following this initial response, everyone present in the COSCA vicinity, including visitors, was evacuated. The drill included rescue and first aid scenarios designed to assess and enhance the capabilities of the school’s Red Cross Youth (RCY) volunteers and first aiders, led by Health Services Officer/School Nurse Mrs. Jade B. Caturay, RN. The COSCA Emergency Response Unit (CERU) from the College of Criminal Justice Education also participated actively in the rescue operations. The successful conduct of the drill was made possible through the coordinated efforts of Mr. Lennie U. Martinez, BOSH Officer and the Crisis Management Committee.

This drill highlights the importance of preparedness and coordination among various agencies and volunteers in ensuring safety and readiness during emergencies.

Photos by: PHANTOMS